World Malayali Council

WMC is a network of natives of Kerala and a nonpartisan, nonsectarian global organization engaged in promoting the welfare and empowerment of Malayalees living across the globe, by enhancing cooperation and communication among the Malayalee diaspora.


As the global general secretary of the World Malayalee Council, I would embark on ways to promote the next phase of WMC along with other great leaders and work with a sensible and levelheaded new team. We must create an environment that promotes mutual respect, adherence to ethics, collegiality, and mature behavior that promotes growth rather than distraction. Let us encourage workshops to bring new talents in literature, science and technology, health, and wellness there to encourage local charitable philanthropy as our cultural token of gratitude.  I envision a dynamic team of one global WMC that will be a trendsetter and trailblazer that other organizations can emulate.


I am honored to share with you our Vision and Mission statement. Our organization was founded with a mission to work closely with the people of Kerala origin across the globe to effectively promote their integration, exchange, cooperation, empowerment, and recognition through innovative programs and projects in the fields of economic, cultural, and social empowerment to augment and channelize the social capital of the Malayalee community. I believe that we can envision a productive and sustainable future by providing thought leadership. Our vision is to create a world where we can create a dynamic link between the Malayalee diaspora and the motherland.


To achieve our mission, we have set several key objectives:

  1. to enhance and empower the social capital of the community,
  2. inculcating the core values of diversity, and excellence
  3. to vitalize the next generation by guiding various international forum

As a global organization, our goal is to enable and enrich students and youth through the WMC Students Engagement Platform (SEP). The core principle of SEP is to engage students and youths in various programs and let them learn to lead the world. ENGAGE + LEARN + LEAD = SEP The Student Enrichment Program (SEP)² enables students to realize their potential in a variety of settings beyond the classroom. Students develop a sense of self-awareness and an understanding of school and community needs and opportunities.


Other benefits of the students’ enrichment program are students are exposed to different teaching styles that don’t involve them memorizing and taking notes. Educational institutions recognize the need for artificial intelligence to be a part of the teaching-learning process for the youth. In addition, the program will collaborate with eminent experts in different areas from all over the world to provide the youth a wide exposure. I’m happy to announce that the first program of SEP is being organized on 13 February 2023, where the youths will be taught to make robots, and the second of its kind on 24 Feb 2023 in Berchmans Institute of Management, SB College Changanacherry. This will be the culmination of one of their skill development projects


Our team is dedicated to making a positive difference in the world and we believe we can accomplish great things together. As a member of our organization, you play a vital role in helping us to achieve our goals. We encourage all members to actively participate in our initiatives and programs through WMC international forums and to offer their support and resources whenever possible. With your help, we can continue to make progress toward our vision and make a real impact in the lives of those around us.


Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our organization. I look forward to working together to achieve our mission and make a positive difference in the world.



Pinto Kannampally

Global General Secretary