WMC International Academics and Education Forum (IAEF)

“Unifying and Enabling through Education – Linking through WMC global network”

Empowering the young to access the enormous global opportunities 


  • WMC IAEF established for facilitating higher studies in educational, technological and research bridging Malayalees all over the world for global connectivity, intellectual influence and integral prosperity
  • The will be a unique platform by WMC IAEF to help our young Malayalee generation who aspire to get their education in different parts of the world. discuss it for implementation to serve Kerala and its beloved people.
  • This can help the younger generation from Kerala to get research positions and pursue technological studies abroad. 
  • WMC Overseas Students Portal – the base of future WMC.
    • Objectives
      • To guide students planning to go outside Kerala for studies
      • New students can get orientation from registered students about the college, universities, requirements in countries. 
      • Aspiring students can search for students by country, university, college or course

Office Bearers

Rev.Fr.Dr.Mathew Chandrankunnel


Dr. Shemily P John


Mr. Thomas Arambankudy

WMC Global VP (in charge of IAEF)

Dr. Ajil Abdulla

Coordinator, portal

Mr. Premjith


Advisory Board

Mr. T P Srinivasan

Chairman, Advisory Board